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Insulin Neuropathy Reversed With Natural Remedies
Majid Ali, M.D.

In my clinical experience, the most common cause of neuropathy is insulin toxicity. Some years ago, I introduced the term “insulin neuropathy” for this state. The common symptoms of insulin neuropathy include numbness, tingling, pain, and burning sensation. Some individuals also feel “electric-like” sensations. The only way to diagnose insulin toxicity is by doing a three-hour insulin profile. Unfortunately this test is rarely done by neurologists.

Most individuals with early stages of insulin neuropathy respond extremely well to an insulin-reduction program, hydrogen peroxide foot soaks, and castor oil and sesame oil rubs on the skin over tissues involved with neuropathy. Below I present a case study that illustrates this point well. The patient’s symptoms of numbness, tingling, and pain in her toes were completely relieved within three weeks of the treatment.

Healthy people often have a fasting insulin level of less than two units and a peak insulin level of less than 25 units. Some have peak insulin levels as low as 15. The three-hour insulin level of healthy individuals is often less than five units. Note that after nine years of multi-drug treatment of diabetes, the total amount of insulin (seen  at the area under this patient’s insulin curve) is more than five times as much as health subjects.


Insulin and Glucose Profiles of a 58-year-old 5' 5" Woman Weighing 199 lbs. With Diabetes of Nine Years Duration. She Was Taking Victoza, Glimepadi, Gluetza , Armour, Thyroid, Lipitor, and Diovan.



1 Hour

2 Hour

3 Hour











I present my protocols for these natural remedies in three 40-minute video seminars entitled “Dr. Ali’s Insulin-Reduction Protocol,” “ Dr. Ali’s Hydrogen Peroxide Soaks Protocol,” and “Dr. Ali’s Castor-Sesame Topical Oil Protocol.” These seminars can be downloaded for a few dollars from or by calling 1-800-633-6226.

Control of Intermediate and Advanced cases of Insulin Neuropathy

The longer the duration of neuropathy, the longer the recovery time. The greater the intensity of neuropathy, the more vigorous the needed program to protect nerves from insulin toxicity and restore their health. One would expect these relationships and one would be right in one’s expectations. The lesson: learn, learn, and prepare yourself to become your own “insulin neuropathy doctor.” Read about the subject and learn how to integrate in your program gentle daily bowel and liver detox remedies.
I present my protocols for gentle daily bowel and liver detox remedies in two 40-minute video seminars entitled “Dr. Ali’s Bowel Detox” and Dr. Ali’s Liver Detox.” These seminar can also be downloaded for a few dollars from or by calling 1-800-633-6226.

YouTube Science, Health, and Healing Encyclopedia

Insulin toxicity is inflaming and fattening. It damages all cellular populations in the body. It sets the stage for obesity, pre-diabetes, and diabetes with all its complication. For these and other reasons, I offer a channel of close to 75 videos on the subject on my YouTube Science, Health, and Healing Encyclopedia. I invite readers to consider it as a source of information.

Insulin Institute Website

I present a large number of articles and insulin profiles on my website titled For more information on the various aspects of insulin toxicity, I refer the reader to this source of insulin. Here is a simple question to vet your appetite: What is prediabetes? The answer: insulin toxicity. Here is another question: What is diabetes Type 2 for most people in the first five to ten years of their illness? The answer: insulin toxicity. If you are puzzled by my answers and really want to be knowledgeable about the subject, read everything on

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* Dr. Ali’s Plan for Reversing Diabetes. 2011. New York, Canary 21 Press.

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