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What Is Health?

I must be kind to my body so my body will be kind to me.

Health is harmony in the spirit and body. It is being in equilibrium with an awareness of what is within and what surrounds one. It is waking up in the morning with a deep sense of gratitude simply for being alive. Health is having energy to work, study, and enjoy life. People in good health sleep well. They breathe with ease, digest food with ease, and sleep with ease. They can concentrate and learn with ease. They do not often have "dis-ease."


Health means our blood, heart, liver, digestive organs, and other body systems all function well.


First, we must give our bodies what they need, and avoid things that harm them. We create our health with what we eat and drink; with the air we breathe; with the hours we sleep; the thoughts we think; and how we deal with the stresses we face.


Good health is a family, school, and community responsibility. The community affects health by its laws about air, water, food, sanitation, and building materials. Schools affect health by what they teach children; by the food in the school cafeteria; by what they sell in vending machines; and by the amount of time students are able to exercise.'' There are many challenges to good health. Knowledge about health is important. It costs less to create health than to treat people after they become sick. Right now, the U.S. doesn't have a health care system. It has a "disease care" system.

Health is preserved with healthy foods, clean environments, and kind thoughts. Diseases develop when foods are contaminated, environments are polluted, and thinking is toxic. The genes become angry and cause diseases mostly when they are offended by toxicities of foods, environments, and and chronic stress. Food, mold, and pollen allergy add to the risk of diseases, as do synthetic chemicals. These are diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, chronic fatigue, and arthritis can be reversed and the body can heal itself when the harmful causes are removed.

Doctors are mostly trained to help people who are ill. They treat diseases. They fix broken bones and repair bodies after accidents. They save lives with medicines and surgery when necessary. However, drugs and surgery do not create health. Our spirits and bodies create our health. It is important that one should be under the care of one’s doctor in the treatment of illnesses.

I urge the readers to read my book entitled Oxygen and Aging  for valuable information concerning the basic ideas concerning health and disease in this tutorial (available at or by phone 973-586-4111).


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